the definition of life, by Judy Stone Nunneley; intaglio, monoprint, screenprint, dyed and discharged vintage domestic linen, vintage silk, hand stitching (detail).  

Statement on
Creative Practice

I have a work-in-progress on one of the walls in my studio. It’s called History, Re/cord, Trace. It is a mixed-media drawing and is comprised of fragments from prints, images of a human braid of hair, bits of wire and found text, and vintage fabric scraps. Working on this, while also working on two recent series Mending, and The Definition of Life, has helped to shape and focus my thinking about the function of making art – what does it mean to record something? – and also about the record itself.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, and work with printmaking, drawing, books, textiles and installation. The work has evolved from the depiction of representational landscapes to symbolic and metaphoric landscapes. I build prints with traditional printmaking (intaglio, lithography, screenprint, relief and monoprints) in combination with mixed-media – paint, drawing, hand-stitching, and vintage domestic linens – and new photo-printmaking technology.

The images I explore – braids and references to the body, scientific diagrams from geology and astronomy, found text, pictographs from ancient sites, and personal images from everyday life – evoke memory and history. As a contemporary artist, I am interested in primary patterns, images of regeneration and continuity, and how these images reflect a kind of “metalanguage,” traces of human presence across time.